Cosmetic acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture is a relatively new concept – this trend that has developed in the West is about twenty years old.

In essence, cosmetic acupuncture is inseparable from general, classical acupuncture, and in fact, any acupuncture procedure also benefits the patient's appearance. Many organ meridians begin or end on the face. Conversely, acupuncture for cosmetic purposes also benefits general health. It is an ideal part of anti-aging therapy.

Extra fine, thin and flexible needles are inserted for cosmetic purposes.

Gold needles have a particularly positive effect on the skin, as gold tones the biologically active points.

The doctor chooses the points to be affected depending on the patient's problems – one needs to slightly reduce the layer of fat, the other needs to remove excess fluid, because the face is swollen, the other needs to make the skin firmer and more elastic so that the oval can regain its firm shape.

There are 10 to 15 procedures in one cosmetic acupuncture course.

Most cosmetic acupuncture procedures take place once a week; if there are problems – twice a week.

In order to maintain the achieved result, it is desirable to perform the procedure regularly – once a month (this is especially true for elderly patients), but even without maintenance procedures the effect lasts for about half a year. The course can be repeated once a year or once every two years (if regular maintenance procedures are attended). The procedure does not require special prior preparation, even after that there are no strict lifestyle restrictions, the only rule: on the same day after the procedure you should not go to the solarium, it is not desirable to go to the sauna. Make-up can be used on the same day.

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