A neurologist is able to understand and treat various ailments of the nervous system, related to both the sensory nerves that allow us to feel the world and the motor nerves that make the limbs move. A neurologist understands the autonomic or autonomic nervous system, which we can hardly regulate at all, but which regulates the most important functions of our body to the greatest extent.

The most common neurological diseases are:

  • headache, neck pain, back and other kind of pain
  • diseases of the autonomic nervous system
  • arm, leg, body, head and sensory nerve disorders such as nerve suppression syndromes with vertebral injuries 
  • degenerative diseases of the nervous system, such as with aging, atherosclerosi tremors, dizziness, imbalance
  • sleep disorders
  • depression, anxiety, often treated in a team with a psychotherapist and / or psychiatrist
  • cerebrovascular disorders, which may include paralysis, movement of the arms, legs, facial muscles, sensory disturbances, dissolution
  • injuries to the brain and nervous system
  • episodes of loss of consciousness, syncope, epilepsy and similar syndromes
  • nervous system infections, etc.

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