Kristine Dudina


Kristine Dudina

Clinical psychologist, CBT specialist

I provide counseling to adults, adolescents who suffer from depression, anxiety, OCT or other mental health disorders, as well as want to improve their well-being, relationships and quality of life. I use a variety of therapies in counseling, including cognitive behavioral, circuit and supportive therapies. Also specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy for patients suffering from chronic diseases and pain, reducing the impact of diseases on subjective well-being, stress levels and quality of life.

I provide systemic support to families where the child has behavioral disorders, anxiety, depression, fear, communication difficulties, hyperactivity, difficulty concentrating, or other features that make it difficult for the child to adapt, learn, or feel well.

According to the needs of organizations, I create and conduct trainings on various topics related to psychology and mental health.

In my work I am based on the latest research and use an integrated approach - in accordance with the patient's needs and therapeutic goals, in addition to psychological counseling, I use the method of therapy acquired in further education courses.


Master's degree in psychology, subprogram of clinical psychology.

Certified parent support and training group "Children's emotional upbringing" group leader.

I regularly participate in various continuing education trainings.

The most important of them:

Scheme therapy basic level training

Applied behavioral analyzes

Sand game therapy training

Terrace games (therapeutic play) training

Training of individual psychology consultants

Professional experience

Training management

Lecturer at the Medical Faculty of the University of Latvia.

Conducting training on stress management, burnout, decision-making effectiveness, emotional intelligence in various organizations.

Training for educators on peer bullying prevention, emotion regulation, behavioral disorders, ADHD, and prevention for educators, other professionals and parents.

Development of a training program and training “Mock Prevention School” within the SPKC project.


Development of methodologies

Author of the methodology “Support for single-parent families - resources for parents, opportunities for children”, training for support group leaders

Development of support group methodology and training “Behavioral therapy for children with ADHD”

Cognitive behavioral therapy group for chronic pain patients "How to reduce pain without medication"

Training and self-growth cycle “How to develop emotion regulation skills or emotional competence”

Training "How to support the development of emotional competence and emotion regulation in children"


"Child Welfare Center", individual consultations, trainings, support groups

Lecturer at the School of Social Work and Education Management

Latgale Suburb Social Service, psychologist, head of child support center.

Institute of Individual Psychology, coordinator of the international training program

Association "Latvian Parents Forum", expert-consultant

Language skills

Latvian, Russian and English

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